Using Prezi (to Enhance Videos?)

Some of you may know that Prezi is a presentation tool – so how could it be useful for video? Well, bear with me for a moment!

One of the things Prezi does really well is animate – it has a really unique way of adding motion to visuals, and that can be very useful for capturing attention and adding interest. Now if you use Prezi in its traditional role as a presentation tool, that’s fine – but you can also capture your Prezi into video format. By doing so, you’re using Prezi as an easy-to-use animation tool! It also gives you the flexibility, with the help of a little additional video editing, of incorporating your Prezi into the context of a larger video.

So whether you’re a beginner to Prezi or what to integrate it into video, you may want to check out the following video tutorial.

By Josef Martha

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