Properly Framing Educational Video



We’ve all seen bad educational video before; stuff that is too small to see on the screen, captures of unnecessarily large computer desktop screens, and just plain poor visual organization.

Like with most things educational, a little basic pre-planning and preparation can help you avoid some of the biggest visual pitfalls when creating educational video. If you’re going to put the effort into making a video, then you want it to bold, clear, properly framed, and as visually striking as a possible.

So have a look at the following video – the tips presented are not meant to be comprehensive, but they should get you considering aspects of video production you may not have thought about before – and the tips should be fairly easy to adapt to your situation.


BTW, sorry about the audio anomalies in this video. That leads me to my next beginner tip, and it’s an extremely important one: pay attention to audio quality. Nothing ruins an educational video like bad audio quality. It’s true that the latest versions of Camtasia studio includes a noise removal feature, but the results of using that or other audio software to remove background noises is never perfect, far from it.

It’s much better if you take steps to record quality audio in the first place. Check out these 6 simple tips for recording good audio!








By Josef Martha

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