Camtasia Series – Recording PowerPoint Presentations



A very neat little trick that a lot of teachers are unaware of, is the ability of Camtasia to record directly from PowerPoint.


Not only is this a slick timesaver, but it provides a great opportunity for “faking” animation – that is, using the transitions and effects of PowerPoint to add motion and activity to your desktop capture movie.

So how can you take advantage of this? If you have Camtasia and MS Office installed, you should have a Camtasia toolbar available in the PowerPoint “Add-ins” tab:


It’s possible that the Camtasia toolbar may be missing even though you have both Camtasia and Office installed, but it’s possible to add it after the fact via the Camtasia program. It’s all explained elegantly in this excellent tutorial:


What if you don’t want to capture your whole PowerPoint presentation, but only want to use certain slides? Well, Camtasia has you covered there as well. It’s very easy to import PowerPoint slides into the latest version of Camtasia, check this following video out:








By Josef Martha

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