Video Mentors Meeting #2 Summary & Archive

Interested in following along with the video mentors? Well, you can!

A very concise point form rundown of the meeting follows, and beneath the links you will find links to agenda for the meeting, there presentation file that was used, and also an audio recording of the meeting. Enjoy!

Meeting (November 26, 2013) Summary:

  • Discussion of previous homework assignment (software “recon” mission) – all participants are set with basic software (Camtasia 8, Photoshop, Audacity)
  • Follow up on Jing – participants discussed how Jing works, and watched the video associated with blog post – Creating Simple Desktop Captures with Jing
  • Recommendations for supplementary software – Presentation Pointer (screen highlighting), and Reflector (mirroring iPad on computer screen, allows for easy desktop capture of iPad screen)
  • In class assignment – watched movie associated with blog post – Using iMovie for the iPad
  • Spent rest of meeting working on homework assignment, creating a video using iMovie on iPad

Meeting Files:

By Josef Martha

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