Video Mentors Meeting #3 Summary & Archive

Interested in following along with the video mentors? Well, you can!

A very concise point form rundown of the meeting follows, and beneath the links you will find links to agenda for the meeting, there presentation file that was used, and also an audio recording of the meeting. Enjoy!

Meeting (December 10, 2013) Summary:

  • Reviewed previous meeting homework of making videos with iMovie for iPad – feedback on this tool is very positive. Demonstration on how to move content from iPad to Dropbox (content can be moved both ways!)
  • Eagle eye example to illustrate the concept of resolution – in general, higher detail in an image means higher resolution. Implication for video creation is that videos should not be made too small, for when they are viewed at larger screen sizes (it is becoming more common for users to view video at full screen), the video will be pixellated. Try to capture as large and area as possible! (Recommend reviewing pre-work assignment here – view ADLC Tips video on Capture Size)
  • Discussed the importance of properly framing video, and the group went on to discuss aspect ratio, and how 16:9 is now a strong industry standard. Viewed the related instructional videos: <Aspect Ratio><Video Framing>
  • Adobe Photoshop can be a powerful tool for creating educational video. It allows for convenient control of layered images. Discussed the layout of the Photoshop interface, and watched two example videos where Photoshop was used heavily in their creation: <CALM Course Introduction> <Heat Capacity (elementary science video)>
  • Assigned Photoshop homework – it is necessary first to view the Photoshop For Beginners video (below).

  • Session finished by discussing iPad app Educreations – read blog post (with associated video) and then did in-class assignment of “building a burger” using the supplied images in the Video Mentor shared Dropbox folder.

Meeting Files:

Sorry, due to technical problems, no audio was recorded for this session. The previous section summary is more robust than usual to make up for it!

By Josef Martha

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