Photoshop – Layers and Transparency

So it’s a fair question… this blog is supposed to be about creating educational video – WHY are you doing Adobe Photoshop tutorials? I can understand where someone would be flummoxed on this, but trust me, learning basic skills in Photoshop will INFINITELY increase your capabilities with regard to effective imagery in your educational videos.

And really, effective imagery is what great educational video is all about. Knowing how to use Photoshop, especially certain features such as layers and transparency, will allow you to place multiple objects in the field of your video and easily control their visibility – you’ll also be able to very easily move those objects around, effectively “faking” animation in your video.

The following tutorial is done in the context of a “Build a Burger” homework assignment that was previously provided to you. So maybe if you haven’t tried the assignment yet, you should do that first, because this tutorial shows you how to do it in detail. But then again, maybe you just want the shortcut (cheater!), so without further ado, here it is:

Photoshop is all about exploring features, so once you’ve mastered layers and transparency, I strongly encourage you to explore the other tools with reckless abandon… you’ll learn the most by playing!

By Josef Martha

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