Camtasia Series – Using Annotations and Callouts



One of the main reasons we make educational video is to draw the viewers attention toward the topics we deem important. Camtasia makes drawing that attention much easier with the help of annotations and callouts.

Callouts are exactly what they sound like – the “call out” attention to something on the screen. Camtasia offers up a very nice variety of callouts and other annotations, including many different shapes, text, highlighting, animated drawings, and much more. Note that the latest version of Camtasia has callouts and other ways of drawing the viewing attention organized into the “Annotations” tab:


You can learn how to put all these different callouts and annotations into your videos by watching the following tutorial:


Now that you have handle on using callouts, you probably move onto the next cool Camtasia feature, Zooming and Panning.








By Josef Martha

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