Camtasia Series – Multiple Tracks



One of the more challenging aspects of video editing is managing multiple pieces of media that occur on screen at the same time. When people edit video, they tend to think very linearly, that is – placing one piece of media sequentially right after the other. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

One of Camtasia’s strengths is easy-to-manage tracks in the timeline:




By adding more than one track to your video, you can have different media playing at the same time. So for example, you could have a screen capture in one part of your video with a separately recorded webcam video playing in another part, both playing together.

To learn how to manage multiple tracks in Camtasia, check out the following video:


Congratulations, that completes your Camtasia training! Go forth and make some great videos!

Hey… are you also interested in recording your PowerPoint presentations with Camtasia? If so, you probably want to check out this blog post.








By Josef Martha

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