Getting Started With Camtasia

If you want to start making educational videos, you have to start somewhere! Now don’t worry if you have never used Camtasia before, it’s really not that hard to use – like any piece of software, after a little practice you’ll be just fine.

Below you’ll find a nice “getting started” video to get you familiar with the two major components of Camtasia; Camtasia Recorder (just a small piece of the puzzle that allows you to record your desktop, webcam, and audio) and Camtasia Studio (the bigger piece of the puzzle that allows you apply many special effects and editing to your desktop captures, and any other media you import into your project).

After you have viewed the tutorial below, I strongly recommend checking out the more advanced tutorials – doing so will allow you to master most of Camtasia’s functions:

There is also a pretty impressive series of Camtasia tutorials at the Techsmith website.

By Josef Martha

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