PD Links

There are some fantastic sources of technology PD around the web. Below you’ll find a list of links to external sources of PD that are highly recommended by the development team. Check them out and enjoy your PD!

Video Development & Mentorship Link Repository – exactly what it sounds like! Just a simple spreadsheet with annotated links – these are lean and mean, only the BEST resources are listed here. Work on your video creation skills with these sites that provide great training, tips, and resources. [last update: October 23, 2013]

ADLC PD Blog – This is a fantastic blog produced by the ADLC PD committee.

ADLC PD Wiki – Great collection of tools to help your PD, with ADLC educational goals in mind!

OL Education Gallery – a terrific Symbaloo created and maintained by Kyla Coulman.

More link collections coming soon!

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