Camtasia Series – Zoom & Pan



So you are doing a desktop capture video, but you want to have yourself on screen as well as the narrator, BUT you don’t want to obscure the video content by getting in the way. What to do? It’s time for some zooming and panning!

Actually, what you’ll probably use more is the “zooming” feature, as this is a great way to bring viewers closer to what you actually want them to see. It is also a key alternative to cropping, that is, shielding the viewer from extraneous content. Whatever the reason, learning how to zoom and pan in Camtasia is very worthwhile – once you get the hang of it, you are likely to use it a lot.

Please note that the zoom and pan features described in the following tutorial are available under the “Animations” tab in the latest version of Camtasia:


So please watch the following tutorial – as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment at the end of this blog post.


Now that you have handle on using callouts, you probably move onto another advanced Camtasia feature, using multiple tracks.








By Josef Martha

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