Creating Videos

Video Creation – Beginners

  1. Desktop Capture Videos – What are they, and what’s right for me? – this post features a video introducing the idea of using desktop capture.
  2. What Size Should I Make My Desktop Capture? – a brief discussion of why you should carefully consider the size of your desktop captures.
  3. Aspect Ratio – Why Is It Important To Consider? – choosing the best dimensions for your video will ensure easy viewing and web compatibility.
  4. Properly Framing Educational Video – some simple tips for making sure your video is framed properly.
  5. Creating Simple Desktop Captures With Jing – making videos doesn’t get more convenient than this!

Video Creation – Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

  1. Putting YouTube Content Into a Camtasia Project – found something you like on YouTube and want to add it into your own video? Here’s one method of doing it!
  2. Photoshop – Layers and Transparency – increase your educational video powers by learning some Adobe Photoshop basics, you’ll be glad you did!
  3. Photoshop – Ideas for Using Layers to Enhance Educational Video – the power of layers is revealed!
  4. Photoshop – Resizing, Selecting, and Opacity – here are the absolutely crucial tools and techniques for getting your Photoshop document looking exactly the way you want for your educational video.
  5. Camtasia Series – Getting Started with Camtasia – you have to start somewhere! This is a great post for Camtasia beginners.
  6. Camtasia Series – Recording PowerPoint Presentations – the basics of this couldn’t be simpler; just activate the Camtasia add-in in PowerPoint, and you’re good to go!
  7. Camtasia Series – Using Callouts – control your viewer’s attention using Camtasia’s excellent callout tools.
  8. Camtasia Series – Zoom & Pan – this feature of Camtasia really provides a “wow” factor for videos!
  9. Camtasia Series – Multiple Tracks – once you start mixing different tracks in your Camtasia projects, you’ll find it opens up whole new worlds of creativity for your videos.

Video Creation – Interesting and Useful Tools

  1. Using iMovie For Video Production – yes, yes, I know, ADLC does not support Macs. Most schools only support PCs these days! But for any teacher with a Mac at home, iMovie is a fantastic tool.
  2. Using Prezi (to Enhance Videos?) – this video includes a thorough tutorial of the web tool Prezi, but also suggestions for use Prezi as an animation tool for desktop capture video.
  3. Using iMovie for the iPad – you’ll be amazed at how something so easy to use can provide such powerful video editing. And so convenient!
  4. Educreations iPad App & Website – Intuitive & Fun Video Creation! – this is really a fun tool to use, if you have an iPad you’ve GOT to try it! No iPad, no worries – use the website version!

ADLC Video Development PD Sessions

  1. Video Mentors Meeting #1 Summary & Archive
  2. Video Mentors Meeting #2 Summary & Archive
  3. Video Mentors Meeting #3 Summary & Archive
  4. Video Mentors Meeting #4 Summary & Archive
  5. Video Mentors Meeting #5 Summary & Archive
  6. Video Mentors Meeting #6 Summary & Archive

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