Creating Simple Desktop Captures With Jing

Creating desktop capture videos need not be a complicated process! Sure, it’s nice to have all sorts of editing power and fancy features, but what if you just want to make a very quick video, let’s say, for answering a student question? What if your grandmother is having trouble with her email settings (again!) – do you really want to write a two-page email explanation, or would you rather rattle off a quick video? I thought so!

So if simplicity is the key, I’d strongly recommend a product called Jing.


Jing is a small program that is easy to activate, and even easier to use. When it comes to sharing your video, it doesn’t get any simpler – Jing automates the whole process, so all you need to do is paste a URL into whatever you are sharing with your viewer(s).

The only real drawbacks to Jing are that there are no editing tools (I told you it was simple!), and the resulting videos don’t play on iPads and iPhones, because they are flash-based. A small price to pay for simplicity, I say!

So if making simple desktop captures interests you, definitely check out the following video:

By Josef Martha

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